Name: Kara Burns

Hometown: Denver, CO

Age: 38

Profession: Catering Manager

Favorite Hobbies: Running and helping others!

Role at GOTR: Ambassador, this is my 2nd season.

What inspired you to get involved?: GOTR is doing amazing things for the self confidence of young girls!

A special GOTR memory: A run I volunteered at recently – I was able to interact heavily with the young girls and help them plant a flower in our garden. They were so excited to be running and participating in the events. It made my heart feel full!

Encouraging words for others thinking of getting involved: I LOVE GOTR and am so honored to represent the program and share how much it is making a difference in the lives of young girls! This is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences that I am involved with. Primarily because it affects young girls lives so deeply.


Thank you, Kara, for being such a rockstar ambassador for our girls and our program!