Name: Caitlin Ready

Hometown: Monroe, MI

Carson Coaches

Coaches at Carson Elementary are vital to the success of the program.

Age: 33

Hobbies: cooking, reading and writing, outdoor/mountain activities

Profession: Health Coach

Favorite GOTR Energy Award: lawn mower

How long have you been involved with GOTR: this is my 3rd season coaching
What inspires you to get involved with GOTR Rockies: I had an excellent experience coaching in Iowa and wanted to continue here in Denver

What’s the most rewarding thing about being involved: I adore when the girls identify the links between lessons and the links between the lessons and their real life experiences What do you think the girls learn during their time in the program: they learn to have self-respect and respect for others, they gain confidence and build self esteem, they learn how to better handle challenging emotions and situations, they learn it is best to be themselves and that it’s ok to be silly.

What’s your favorite day of the season: I enjoy the practice 5k and 5k event days

Why should other women get involved: having the opportunity to empower young girls is so rewarding. I volunteer to help the girls but the experience fills me up too.