COACH SPOTLIGHT: Theresa Grzebinski

Name: Theresa Grzebinski

Hometown: San Antonio, TXStargate_22

Age: 44

Hobbies: spending time with family/friends, playing cards/games, dancing, playing guitar/singing, watching movies, and being outside!

Professional Background: occasionally sub here and there as a School Social Worker and stay at home as a mom

Favorite energy award: The “ooh la la”….or something to that effect:)

How long have you been involved with Girls on the Run: This is my first season

What inspired you to get involved with GOTR Rockies? I’ve heard friends talk about the program ….some have coached with their daughters, and I felt inspired to bring it to our school. And as a social worker, I was definitely connected to the premise of the program…empowering girls! I’ve spent over a decade working with all kinds of kiddos and families, many of which has been a hard, stressful, crisis-responding kind of a job.  I was really excited to work on the positive side of social work, inspiring girls, working on everyday skills, many of which aim to prevent problems vs respond to them.  It’s full of positive energy, feel good moments, and happy happy joy joy experiences that are over-the-moon fulfilling for me!!!

What do you think the girls learn during their time in the program? The girls are learning all kinds of things about friendship, decision-making, problem-solving, and about challenging yourself to work hard, do a little more than you’re comfortable with, push yourself a little farther than you might want to, and really, seeing that they get to decide how they want to ‘show up’ in the world:)