Name: Sarah Bowman

Hometown: Red Lake Falls, Minnesota

Age: 29

Favorite Hobbies: hiking, traveling and runningStargate_09

Profession: Kindergarten Teacher

Favorite GOTR Energy Award: Dead Bug

How long have you been involved with Girls on the Run? This is my first season! 🙂

 What inspired you to get involved with GOTR Rockies? At first, it was because I shared a passion for running. Then, it became something more. I wanted to inspire and encourage girls to be the best version of themselves.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being involved? The girls are so open and honest in our discussions. We call our team the Stargate Sisters. Their willingness to share so openly has truly inspired me.

What do you think the girls learn during their time in the program? They learn about how to be a good friend, effectively communicate, encourage one another and so much more!

A memorable Girls on the Run moment? I decided to invite whoever was interested to run a mile without stopping. I timed our progress. At the end one of the girls got her personal best mile!

Why should other women get involved? Girls on the Run is so much more than running. It’s empowering girls to be the best version of themselves. It teaches them how to deal with life’s challenges, build strong and supportive friendships, and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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