Every Lap Counts!

Lap Counters are a fun way to motivate your team to go further, faster! The incentive of a sticker or a mark on their arm helps them not only keep track of their laps but also exceed their lap goals. Below are some of our favorite lap counter ideas!

Stickers: In your coach bag, there are a few sheets of stickers that are perfect for sticking on shirts, arms, and faces every time a girl completes a lap.

Nylon loops: Remember making potholders on a loom when you were younger? Those fabric loops come in bulk and are so easy to use as lap counters all season long. A bag of nylon loops is $4.99 at Hobby Lobby and with that handy-dandy 40% off coupon, it is a great deal! Have the girls return them at the end of each practice.

Clothespins: It’s fun and easy to pin a clothespin at the bottom of a girl’s shirt as she zooms past the start line. Clothespins are hard to lose and easy to count!

Beads: In your coach bag, there is a bag of beads that your GOTR girls can collect to make a lap necklace at the end of the season!

Pipe cleaners: These little bendy buddies are so fun to get crafty while you are processing the day’s lessons. Girls can make flowers, jewelry, or even some fun glasses or hats with pipe cleaners after they complete their laps.

Magic message in marker: Remember Lesson 9: Real Beauty? You can give the girls a word or letter to your very own secret message of the day as they run around. Maybe try the word BEAUTIFUL and give them one letter each lap or YOU ARE AWESOME!

Popsicle sticks: Motivational popsicle sticks rock! Little inspirational messages that you could include on the popsicle sticks, “I am grateful for you.” “You’ve got this!” “Keep on moving!” “You go girl!”

Silly bands: Just like the nylon loops, these can be used each practice! Little bracelets don’t get in their way as they rack up their laps and they are fun to collect over and over again.

Ribbons: A piece of ribbon each lap can be used for their very own handmade hair tie! The team can wear these at the Final 5K Celebration!

Tulle: If you are really looking for a fun way to count laps, how about tulle for tutus?! The girls can collect the tulle each lap to add to a tutu that they can rock at the 5K!

What are some of your favorites? Check out our Pinterest for more ideas!

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