She Believed She Could…

… so she did!

That seems to have been the motto of 2017 and I am ready to take that momentum into 2018. Who is with me?!

Let’s talk about GOALS! Why not resolutions?! It is a NEW YEAR afterall. Because GOALS keep us on track to our resolutions. Ever wonder why we tend to conveniently forget our resolutions after the first week or month of the new year? Well, I have a theory… I think it is because we do not see them as GOALS. Ok, what’s the difference? While resolutions have the best intentions, goals are SMART- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

At Girls on the Run, our GOTR girls and coaches talk about their goal to complete a 5K from the very first day of practice until they line up to begin the final race. Is our goal SMART? Absolutely!

Specific: Complete a 5K

Measurable: By crossing the finish line, we know that we have achieved our goal.

Achievable: Every girl can do it!

Realistic: You don’t have to go fast, you just have to keep moving forward.

Timely: We have 10 weeks to achieve our goal each season.

Throughout the season, we increase our distance gradually, talk about the ups and down of each practice, and continue to remind ourselves what we are working towards and why. The culmination of the program is not about winning first place or getting a trinket, it is crossing the finish line- a feat that was once a goal but with an action plan was accomplished!

The lessons we learn at Girls on the Run translate to the lives of the 3rd grade GOTR girl, the 8th grade Heart & Sole girl, the fresh-out-of-college community coach, the retired teacher running buddy, and beyond! We should never stop setting goals for ourselves. In the spirit of the New Year, let’s turn our resolutions into SMART goals and see how much we can accomplish in 2018!

Remember, 2018 is YOUR YEAR! What are your goals?


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