Coach and SoleMate Spotlight on Team USA Athlete Kathleen Allen

Kathleen, 2nd from left, representing Girls on the Run

We’re so excited to put the spotlight on Team USA Athlete Kathleen Allen.  We are so inspired by her commitment as an athlete, a coach and a mother.  On top of all that, she works with our Team SoleMates to create customized training plans so that others can reach their goals and achieve great things.   In her recent interview with Team USA, Kathleen shared all about her experience as a Girls on the Run coach.

“Sharing the girls’ enthusiasm, watching their excitement as race day approaches and witnessing their pride as they cross the finish line help remind me why I began the sport and how I, too, always want to feel. Every season I coach, I think that I am the teacher and I need to help the girls learn about running. But every season, the girls teach me so much more about courage, friendship, teamwork, determination and attitude than I could ever teach them! It is humbling and inspiring to bear witness to their growth!” – Kathleen Allen

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