Parent Corner

Welcome Parents!

This is where you will find information on the season for you and your girl.  Check back frequently as we’ve always got something exciting to share !  Also, please be sure to read the Parent Scoop newsletters sent to your email.  We will share information about the lessons as well as important dates and information for upcoming activities.

Registration opens on February 5th!  Girls will start running the week of March 5th.  Check our locations page to see if your school/site will have Girls on the Run this season and to get contact information for the site coordinator.

Train with your GOTR Girl and run, walk, or skip with us this season!

Girls on the Run teaches girls to set goals and achieve big things.  Show your GOTR girl you are right there with her and train alongside her.  We have 5 different training plans developed by running expert Jenny Hadfield.  Choose the one that is best for you, so that no matter where you start, you’ll get to the 5k finish line!

Download the 5k Training Guide

Grown Up Guides

The Grown Up Guide is a tool for parents.  The guide provides a brief overview of the lesson topics for each week along with questions and conversation starters.

Fueling for Optimal Performance – Nutrition Tips for Athletes

It’s no secret that a healthy diet will help your child power through their games, but what does a healthy diet entail? Kids need enough fuel to participate in sports and they need enough of what’s called energy availability, says Brooke Pengel, MD. A proper balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is the most important part of a healthy diet because it allows young athletes to perform and recover. And when it comes to encouraging a healthy diet — planning is key.  What are the risk factors for poor performance? Read more…