Greater Colorado Springs Area

Below is the Colorado Springs Area Spring 2017 program site list.  (The days listed below are subject to change.)
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Greater Colorado Springs Area Location Site Coordinator Meeting Days     
Abrams Elementary Colorado Springs- Fountain Jordan Crandell Mon/Weds
Bear Creek Elementary Monument Judy Benson Mon/Weds
Carmel Middle School Colorado Springs Marissa Merino Mon/Tues
Carver Elementary Colorado Springs Allison Lavoie Mon/Weds
Cressen Elementary Cripple Creek Erin Lohmeier Mon/Weds
Deerfield Hills Community Colorado Springs Jody Derington Mon/Weds
Granada Elementary Lamar Morgan Bennett Tues/Thurs
Hillside Community Center Colorado Springs Jackie Tafoya Mon/Fri
Lewis Palmer Elementary Monument Teresa Brown Tues/Thurs
Manitou Springs Elementary Manitou Springs Maria Woytko-Morris Tues/Thurs
Palmer Lake Elementary Palmer Lake Carrie Coates Tues/Thurs
Remington Elementary Colorado Springs Heather Reading Mon/Weds
Ridgeview Elementary Colorado Springs Heather Olsen Tues/Thurs
Rogers Elementary Colorado Springs Ann Shargar Mon/Thurs
Sand Creek Elementary Colorado Springs Lindsay Mitchell Tues/Thurs
Springs Ranch Elementary Colorado Springs Susan Beiner Mon/Weds
Twain Elementary Colorado Springs Nicole Greenberg Tues/Thurs
Venetucci Elementary Colorado Springs Amy Gagliardi Tues/Thurs
West Elementary Colorado Springs Julian Walker Mon/Thurs