Get GOTR Ready!

First day of school jitters are behind us and now it is almost time for another first day…. FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE! Whether this is your GOTR girl’s first season or she is taking a victory lap for her second, third, or fourth season, we are so excited that she will be with us for the fall. Here are some tips for making sure your GOTR girl is ready to rock n’ roll on day one!


Get Ready! Lay it all out- healthy snack? CHECK! Water bottle? CHECK! Supportive shoes? CHECK! Clothes that let her run, skip, jump? CHECK! When you help your GOTR girl get into a habit of preparing for practice, she will be able to start looking forward to the next day and know that she will be ready to do her best.



Get Set! Your GOTR girl may be nervous to meet new friends or maybe she doesn’t know if she is cut out for this running business. Reassure her that her team can’t wait to meet her! GOTR helps girls believe in themselves and soon enough your girl will know she is strong, capable, and able to accomplish her goals.



Go! Make sure you have a plan to go, go, go! Remind your GOTR girl that she has practice and what the plan for pick-up is. Does your GOTR girl walk home? Is grandma picking her up? Maybe she is riding the late bus? Make sure she knows what the plan is so that she can get home safely.