More than Running Series: Meet Maryam (Part 2 of 5)

“If every girl participated in Girls on the Run, I think we would understand people much more easily. Girls would all be champions- their own hero.”

Meet Maryam, a junior coach for the team at New Freedom Park. Maryam is 14 years old and just started 8th grade this fall. Maryam is the oldest of four kids and was born in Afghanistan. She moved to Colorado with her family byway of Pakistan just a few years ago. Maryam loves to shop and is quite proud of the bargains she is able to find – one of her favorite topics to chat about while completing laps. Her favorite foods are Kabuli palaw and shawarma but cooking is her least favorite way to help out around the house. 

Maryam said she practices empathy, a skill she learned through Girls on the Run, at home when it is her turn to cook. While she may get frustrated, she knows that her mom might feel that frustration too when she has to cook. One of the Girls on the Run lessons that Maryam uses in the kitchen, at school, and on the playground is “Stop and Take a BrThRR.” This lesson encourages girls to stop, breathe, think, respond, and review in a situation that might be frustrating, aggravating, sad, or upsetting. Having the ability to take a breath before reacting has helped Maryam navigate conflicts at school, with friends, and at home.

Like many girls, Maryam has discovered a love for running through Girls on the Run that has led her to find new interests in outdoor activities, yoga, and trying new exercise classes offered by the Spring Institute in her neighborhood. Through Girls on the Run, she has made friends with girls in her neighborhood that she may not have otherwise known. Maryam has a goal to run a marathon with her new friend and GOTR teammate, Shabnam.

Your support of Girls on the Run helps girls like Maryam realize that they can achieve BIG things when they set their minds to it. From helping to subsidize programming to sponsoring new running shoes for teams in-need, every dollar counts in our mission to help girls know and activate their limitless potential.