Indoor Tips and Tricks

Girls Running in HallwayColorado weather in the Spring can be unpredictable at times, making outdoor practices difficult! Having indoor practice required a little more creativity as a coach, as well as flexibility and a go- with- the- flow attitude. Hopefully these tips can help you run a fun and successful indoor practice!

  1. Get creative with warmup exercises!
    • Instead of cramming in a circle in a classroom for exercises, try something different! Try lunging, side squatting, or high knee-ing down the hallways! This change of scenery can be a great start to your practice. 
  2. Add more reflection time! 
    • Being indoors can sometimes mean that you have to wait for halls to be clear or a gym to be empty before starting practice. This downtime can be used to reflect on past lessons and even dive deeper into the current lesson. Try asking more reflection questions and connecting past lessons to the current one!
  3. Incorporate HIIT exercises!
    • Having indoor practice means limited space. Sometimes there isn’t a lot of room to really run. If this is the case, try incorporating jumping jacks or squat jumps into the lesson to get the girls’ heart rate going!
  4. Lots of energy!
    • Being cooped up inside can often mean the girls will be a little more rambunctious than usual. Make sure to go over your group expectations again, and be prepared for more distractions while being indoors. Additionally, make sure to match their energy and keep things fun!

Any Girls on the Run curriculum can be just as successful with indoor practices! Go have fun!