Activating our Star Power

Early into our season, we teach girls on our teams that each one of them is like a star high up in the sky. They all have the power to shine bright and be brave. Through a visualization process, we try to encourage them to think about themselves and the qualities that make them unique as individuals.

While working to activate their star power, girls discuss the concepts of negative and positive self-talk, and ways to transform the negative (i.e. I didn’t complete my lap goal because I am not fit!) into positive (I’m trying my best and I don’t give up!). We also discuss how at Girls on the Run we don’t shy away from negative emotions and learn how to process them in a healthy way. When we process our emotions in a healthy and positive way, our star power gets brighter and stronger, and so do we as individuals.

Our star-power lesson walks girls through different scenarios. Some can dim the brightness of their stars and diminish their power. By activating their star power, we encourage them to turn cloudy skies into bright and clear ones! Girls learn to process and learn from setbacks to activate their fullest potential and utilize tools to have a positive attitude about themselves and others. 


At Girls on the Run, we all shine brighter when we shine together!