Meet a Team: Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School

Meet the Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School GOTR team! They completed their very first season together this past Spring, and had the help of a very experienced coach. Coach Awesome Austin has nine seasons of Girls on the Run coaching under her belt. 

Red Hawk Ridge is located in southeast Aurora nestled in the middle of several neighborhoods with a great turf space available to the girls to have practice on. With more than 18 girls on their team this past season, there was so much room for everyone to warm up and do their favorite exercise- toy soldiers! 

Our Program Coordinator joined the team for their practice working on Communicating With Others. The girls were so excited to jump into all of the activities, and especially loved seeing the different interpretations girls took when communicating with one another through drawing or even playing leapfrog. Each girl was genuinely excited when it came time to start running despite it being a cold and windy day! While running, walking, and skipping their laps, the girls were constantly supporting each other and even high-fiving one another when someone surpassed their lap goal!

When practice ended and it came time for energy awards, this team did things differently and let the girls choose a teammate to receive an award! So many girls received an award and particularly loved to Peel the Mango and Do the Tango! This team knows how to make the most of every practice!