Tips for New Site Coordinators

As a new Site Coordinator, it can feel a little overwhelming approaching the start of your season. Juggling coach recruitment, marketing the program, getting girls signed up, and answering all the questions that families have can quickly feel like a lot to handle! Luckily, we have some helpful tips to get you through your first season with Girls on the Run, and set you up for success!

First, activate and login to your Pinwheel account. You can activate that here using the email you used when registering your site. This is where your team roster will live which includes the contact information for your girls and coaches. It’s great to get to know your way around your account prior to the start of the season! If you need to do any troubleshooting, you can find instructions here.

Next, get to know our Resource Library. This is where you’ll find all of our marketing materials, the Site Coordinator Team Toolkit, and resources that you can send to parents. If you are short girls and coaches for the season, there are blurbs you can use to post on social media, and flyers you can post around the school to spread the word about the program.

We recommend touching base with your coaches prior to the start of the season as well. If you’re not coaching in addition to being a Site Coordinator, make sure they know who will be leading the first practice and that they have access to the roster. Also, make sure that they know where the meeting space for the practice is. 

Finally, the week before practice send the parents/guardians of the girls on your team the Welcome Letter. Include all the details that parents will need to know before the first practice, such as where the team will be meeting and where to pick their girl up at the end. It’s also helpful to include the names of the coaches for the team and their contact information in case there are any questions or they can’t find the team after practice. 

As a Site Coordinator, we wouldn’t be able to host a team without your help and commitment to the program! We’re here to help if you have any questions or need additional resources, and we can’t wait for your team to start.