Have your Best 5K!


Our Fall season 5Ks are finally here– and we*are*thrilled! If you ever attended you know this is an event like no other. On this day, our entire GOTR community comes together to celebrate the accomplishments of our participants. From the moment your running shoes set foot at the event site you can feel the positive energy pulsing within all of the attendees. On this day, we recognize the hard work, dedication and commitment our girls have displayed throughout the entire season. All of it would not be possible without YOU. Your desire to support and encourage your girls throughout the year make you the heart of our program.

As you gear up for THE event of the year, think about your connection to your team and fellow coaches. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take some time to come up with a pre-race kick-off warm up to get you all in the mood and pumped for the miles to come. This is a powerful way to boost your team’s stamina and morale to cross the finish line at your happy pace! Be sure to visit the happy hair station too. A 5k staple and fan favorite, our happy hair-stylists make sure our girls’ hairs are as colorful and glittery as their star powers.

Completing the end-of-season 5K is a goal you’ve all been working towards for months. Quite literally a moving experience– I hope that achieving this milestone with your team is a memory you’ll cherish for years to come.

Thank you for guiding your team this season and for transforming and strengthening the next generation of girls.