Fueling Your Body for Exercise – brought to us by Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Dr. Rachel Brewer is a Sports Medicine Specialist at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver, CO.  Dr. Brewer is a proud parent, coach, and supporter of Girls on the Run! 

Fueling Your Body for Exercise

Proper fueling and hydration is incredibly important for any athlete. Set your athlete up for success by teaching them appropriate hydration and nutrition strategies during practice and race day.

How should I fuel before exercise? When timing is appropriate, have a balanced meal higher in carbohydrates 3-4 hours prior to exercise. Continue to stay hydrated throughout the day by carrying a water bottle. Just prior to practice or competition, 30-60 minutes before the activity, you can have a carb rich snack for an extra boost of energy. 

How should I fuel during exercise? For exercise lasting less than 60 minutes, extra nutrition is generally not necessary. However, make sure your athlete continues to hydrate with water, and for activities lasting longer than 60 minutes, sports drinks may be helpful to help maintain electrolytes. 

How should I fuel after exercise? Your body needs nutrition and hydration to recover after exercise. Take in a balance of carbs and protein, and focus on rehydrating with water.

Proper nutrition and hydration will keep your engine strong and will contribute to success on race day!

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