Coach Posey’s Race Day Tips – brought to us by Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Coach Posey from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children wants to make sure you are ready for race day. Read her tips for a great start to your 5K morning! 🐾

➡️Arrive early. It will be crowded and may take a little extra time to find your group or check in.
➡️Lay out your clothes tonight. Girls should wear their Girls on the Run t-shirt.
➡️Get up 2 to 3 hours before the race to allow your body time to wake up and digest breakfast. A light breakfast, like toast, cereal, and bananas, are great options.
➡️Drink water 2 hours before the start of the race. Don’t over hydrate or drink too close to the start of the race because it could cause cramping.
➡️Go to the bathroom before the race (there will be facilities available on site).
➡️For our Denver 5K – Runners will be released by corrals (noted by a letter on your bib). Stay with your team and wait until your corral is called to enter the starting area.
➡️Don’t go out too fast. Pace yourself.
➡️Meet your team, family and friends at your team sign in the Meet and Greet area after the race. Make this your after-race meeting place.
➡️Stretch! Breathe! Have fun! You can do it!

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